Monday, December 10, 2007


This was the poster for the oringal carwash...just so you can see my progression between a few years....same idea, different pose...and better band! lol..the band Bullets over Broadway became Mary Shaw a little over a year ago...they switched up a few members and have become a much more interesting group....they stick true to their metal is essential with Nina, the female lead singer, who screams heavier than most men....but the guitarists, basist and drummer have background in all kinds of music, from punk, hair metal, hip/hop, and folk. these background have allowed the band to introduce jazz...blues, and hip hoppy beats into their seriously sleazy metal guitar wrifs.
be sure to check them out... the next show is at the Modern Exchange in Southgate Mi, on December is a benefit show to help them reaise enough money to buy equipment that was stolen from should be an awesome time!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

pin up time is a slightly humorous piece that i did over the summer. fun times....

i miss my pin up girls. i am a pin up enthusiast through and it!
check out the band@

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christian Slade + The Detroit Zoo= Cold

Especially if you decide to go to the zoo in december. It was fun and we really had a good time sketching the animals that were enclosed. The giraffes were amazing and so was the polar bear and seal exhibit. I had a good time overall. I just wish that i hadnt left my lights on and drained my battery...and I wish i had worn boots.

We got to have a quick drawing session with him and a lecture about where he started and where he is at now. It was hilarious to see the stuff he was drawing when he decided he wanted to be an artist, and where he is now as an artist. He seriously is amazing. His studies of people and animals are sooo extensive. He talked about filling up one sketchbook a week while in college. That is perserverance. I mean, I love my sketch book and I think I do a pretty good job of filling them up, but one a week!? Holy Crap. Maybe its a different situation with being an animator. I feel like all my time drawing is put into each seperate page of animation....i feel like its hard to keepo drawing after youve done so many frames in a day. But its good to know that all this drawing will pay off one day.
I really think that I do need to start stretching my legs in the whole basics of characters....Im so stuck on what im animating at the moment. The fact that this is a year long project, is starting to make me depressed. I dont want to just draw one character for the rest of the year!
Im terrified of drawing i probably need to do that just not familiar with not around them....i dont have pets...i dont like pets...ugh.
so apparently i should learn how to draw so i can from memory. it would be good to be able to understand the basic anatomy of some dogs, cats, that kind of thing...i mean i have some understanding, but its not convincing enough if i dont have a picture of it in font of me.
my teacher is a total hippy. he definetly looks like he is wearing a night gown over his jeans.
Ok hopefully more to come...on the whoel sketching deal...
and check out my rough animation animatic...Its posted on my youtube site....
its still rough! so be kind!