Wednesday, October 24, 2007

tiki. and stuff.....

tiki quick character model sheet.
i like him....ooolalala.
i also love this characterrs hips.
love it.

so class is going good. im staying super busy, and am almost at my 10th week review.
the problem is tha i have been spending sooo much time on our collaborative short film, that i feel as though ive neglected my senior film. hopefully the work im putting into the first one will just help me to know that i can get my final senior film done.

Monday, October 22, 2007

penedlton ward.

he is hte creator of adventure time check it out. he came to our school today and talked to everybody about pitching short films to studios and other nifty things. he had good stuff to say.

i recommend him.

Friday, October 19, 2007

fun with modeling.

this is my first attempt at character modeling. i dont plan on animating her....but here you go.

silly stuff.....

so yup.

classes are going good. im in the middle of my semester and a bit behind, but i feel like i am getting quite a bit done.
currently i am working on animating a baby, some point of view hand shots, a few different walk cycles, some tha are in perspective....and im actually trying to tie down the environments for my senior film.
i finished a longer shot of the aztec priest ripping off the head of a stuffed rabbit last week....its really nice, and i cant wait to get started on the special effects shots for that.
the team for that short film is definetely feeling the pressure of having so much work to do. one of the girls is rnning a bit behind, because she spent some much of the first few weeks tying down her senior film sotryboards. right now we are trying to help her catch up, and hopefully we will get the shots finished in the next week or so. the character is all over hte place a the moment, and staying on the character model with 4 different people drawing him, might end up being a bigger issues in the end than we thought. we were hoping that kali could tie down the shots for everyone, but i dont think she is going to have the time to do it anymore. she is very stressed out.
in other news. i am staying busy getting ready for halloween, along with all of my projects. my nana showed me how to knit and we have one scarf done already. i am also embroidering hogwarts patches for our sweater....all we really need now, is to find some glasses for kimo to wear to the parties and show.
my birthday is coming up on the 1st of november.....and it should be fun, my 22nd birthday! considering i didnt do too much of anything for my 21st.....hopefuly this year will be better.
ok welp. thats all for now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the beginning....

this is a rough draft of one of the sets I am making for my senior film. The other projects are all coming along nicely as well. I am very excited to see how my demo reel will look after Ive made further progress with these projects.

today i am heading out to Lapeer Mi to watch my sister renew her vows in a church. There should be plenty of family drama, for more updates, chekc out my myspace, which is a more personal page.

Monday, October 8, 2007

classes. we go.

school is getting intese. some storyboards we did have changed, and one of my collaborative parters just keye out all those shots according to the original boards. things are frustrating and everyone wants to move on already.....and we havent even really gotten into inbetweens yet. i understand completely why she is annoyed. its hard to stay organized with 4 different schedules involved.
i need to get a move on iwht my individual project though, i feel overwhelmed right not sure where to beigin, i am really aprehensive aabout ebginning animation for fear that i dont have the story completed yet. and also becuz i tedn to get so bored so easily with a character. im trying to keep busy. ive been working on layouts, and have developed a look and style for the background. so thats good, but i need to start animating like now inoreder to not fall behinid.
im also very apprehensive about the wolf character. i am not confident in my animal drawing at all. and i ccant seem to fins a character that i am happy with. i want it to be a cartoon, bbut the plot is based heavily on fear and chase sequences, which means that the wolf must also appear intimidating.

ugh. help.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

life drawing!

here we go... a few more posts from anatomy class....oooo, like them?

ok well...lets talk about something a bit more interesting...
im in my 3d class....i love modeling, but i cant seem to grasp the idea of animating with 3d characters, i feel like i have no patience, i dont like the idea of not being in control of my characcter, complete control, every line, movement, shape, mass...u know. im hoping that this class will open me up to more opportunities with maya. i feel like i need to know as much as possible, but i cant seem to get over this whole 3d thing!