Monday, October 8, 2007

classes. we go.

school is getting intese. some storyboards we did have changed, and one of my collaborative parters just keye out all those shots according to the original boards. things are frustrating and everyone wants to move on already.....and we havent even really gotten into inbetweens yet. i understand completely why she is annoyed. its hard to stay organized with 4 different schedules involved.
i need to get a move on iwht my individual project though, i feel overwhelmed right not sure where to beigin, i am really aprehensive aabout ebginning animation for fear that i dont have the story completed yet. and also becuz i tedn to get so bored so easily with a character. im trying to keep busy. ive been working on layouts, and have developed a look and style for the background. so thats good, but i need to start animating like now inoreder to not fall behinid.
im also very apprehensive about the wolf character. i am not confident in my animal drawing at all. and i ccant seem to fins a character that i am happy with. i want it to be a cartoon, bbut the plot is based heavily on fear and chase sequences, which means that the wolf must also appear intimidating.

ugh. help.

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