Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recap of the Ottawa Animation Festival

So we left on Thursday night for a 10 hour trip from Detroit to Ottawa. W arrived early on friday morning and were completely worn out already. After some confusion, we managed to purchase our festival weekend passes and the passes for the Cartoon Network Picnic. It was a great time at the picnic. We managed to finish a few pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest, and though none of ours won, we really enjoyed carving them. We met some great people and also reconnected with a few we had met at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival. A few of the underaged (19+) people took full advantage of the free ber and wine; and im sure they wished they hadnt. But all in all...i dont think anyone made a bad impression, and we seemed to be one of the fairly larger groups of people. The industry folked seemed very interested in what kind of ideas we were coming up with in detroit.... after all it is a far way from l.a. or new york.
From there we got to watch a few different screenings of the films that made it into the festival, and they even provided screenings of films which they loved, but unfortunately did not make it into the festival. A few of the really great ones (in my opinion) were, Teet Beat, T.O.M., i love Pandas, Sleeping Betty, Madame Tutli Putli, and Doxology. They represent a wide variety of the types of films which were shown. By far my favorite was, t.o.m. which i believe can be seen at the website,
thats how i feel darnet.
i got to listen in on some great workshops, (though they were jam packed, and i didnt get to actually "see" too much) i still feel like they were well worth the time and effort. I actually also got to sit in on a "Blogging and animation" workshop, which was very insightful as to the many ways that i can approach my blog, the things that i may like to talk about, and what people may actually be interested in reading. it gave me quite a few tips, and i apprecaited them for sharing with us greatly.
ok well.....these are the many things to come..........

-a pitch of my story concept, "Red", which is a variation on the red riding hood tale
-a few reviews of some of my favorite movies, and the short films which i saw recently.....
-also an overview of my projects that i am working on, such as
-tattoo designs,
-advertising for my small caricature business,
-a small film i am doing in after effects about a boy who is afraid of water
-and much much more to come.

i also will have some pictures from ottawa posted, and more artwork to come.

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