Thursday, January 17, 2008

Freelance possibilities.....

So today my practicum class sat down with the Toyota/Detroit Science Center Engineering Theater Team, and discussed our opportunities to be involved in 8 short shows that high light the possible engineering careers. I am really really excited about it. The animation is going to be fun and slightly campy. But the real kicker is that this is a gig that could continue after I graduate. It is some animation that will be shown to thousands of people who visit the Detroit science Center each year. Its a really great chance for all of us to get some work and stay in the Detroit area. Im really really excited to get to work on the project.

In other news, classes have begun again, and Im very excited about all 4 of them, Senior Studio, Creative Writing, Advanced Environments and Characters, and Practicum. All 4 classes are going to keep me on my toes. But my creative writing class is going to give me a chance to write short stories about the characters in my environment and characters class. Well the semester has begun and it is my last one...So i hope I dont get behind, and make it count.
More Artwork soon to come.


Chelsea Kirchoff said...

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ishbeth said...

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