Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I need a wacom tablet. desperately.

So, the apprenticeship at BABYDOLLS TATOOS is going great, though I have decided officially to move to Portland.  Its a ridiculous move.  But I think I am up for the challenge, plus there are some great studios and creative companies out that way....and there is nothing here for me in Detroit.  Here is some more of the stuff that I have been doing. The last post involved some flying elephants and hula pin up, I really want to finish those digitally, along with some zombie pin ups 
I have been working on, but apparently it is going to take longer than expected.  I am working 45 hours a week to save up money to go.  But I still have to find time to put up my website, and get my portfolio finalized.  My resume is going to be posted soon.
Wish me luck...and let me know if you want a tattoo, its really fun to do.

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Sup dude. The work looks great. I especially like the town. We need to get together soon. I get paid next Friday.

P.S. You spelled my last name wrong! It's KIRCHOFF. Dork.