Monday, April 7, 2008

maudies closet and other recent work.

so. silliness has ensued. i bought a tattoo machine, and just tattooed my own foot. it reads "in defens" "nemo me impune lacessit" it is the motto of the scottish and british coat of arms. it means, in my defense god me defend, and no one shall harm me with impunity. i like it alot. between the two phrases i am going to put a thistle, the official flower of scotland. 
i have been doing a lot of work on my cartoon pitch. as well as beginning a new short film called bubbles. my senior film is basically on hold right now. im really over worked on it. i just cant finish it right now. i dunno. im pretty sure that i just wont be an animator. i want to play a big role in story development and character development, but i dont want to animate. im sure i will finish the "wolves" film, but it is going to take me quite a while. 
i am also beginning to put together the buttons for my website. my friend brian is going to put it all together for me, but i am going to put the elements together. here is some of my recent work.

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