Friday, September 4, 2009

Google Stuff....

So lots is going on in Google, as usual. Its kind of funny to me how much I dont really care to pay attention to all of these changes, but working here I really cant help it.

Here are a few interesting articles and blogs about recent activities.

Google China looses one of its main men.

Gmail went out for quite a while the other day, causing headaches to people all over the internet.

This is a great rebuttle on an article posted on The Onion, regarding a fake account of Neil Armstrong claiming that the moon landing was faked.
Turns out that a newspaper from India actually printed the article, not realizing that it was a fake article. This was hilarious because I actually read the article yesterday and was completely confused by it, I cant believe that this newspaper would print something so absurd without checking into it.

All geeks should find this interesting, or at least hilarious.

LARPS have made it into the nightclub industry.

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