Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Having fun with my new favorite site
Lots of fun information in content, video, and photo form. This site has a great little hub started compiling of the interesting articles and posts from all of the other interesting sites. Wow... what an idea... its a website featuring other websites?! How novel... because you know that they are making bank off of it. They dont even really have much to do... I mean sure they could do reviews and articles about the top new, which is already being posted 40 milliong other times, so why not just point everyone in the direction of those other articles and make money in the mean time.
Considering starting one of those "free vector art" sites..., kind of along the same deal as brusheezy, vecteezy, or vectorjungle.
I mean, between the 3-4 of us, and adding some extra adspace, we should be able to turn all of our blogging into some actual cash... we could set up a donate page and seek out advertisers...
Its a thought, I mean heck, with everyone else making tons of money doing iphone apps and other ridiculous websites... I think that the vector design is the best route. We would actually be able to provide our own artwork on there as well, gaining exposure personally as well as using the basic vector packs that are already on all of the other pages.
Just a thought.

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