Monday, August 3, 2009

We are taking over....

Haha, we are taking over, on the internet anyways. I think Im in a very good position. As I start into the "industry/industries" I am getting the opportunity to work on many many different projects.

Personally things are going great.
I have finally completely moved into the apartment on Hawthorne, in an awesome Southeast district. This move is going to be big for me in many ways. I am going to have to rethink my ideas about living with yet another extremely different person. Mind you that Charlie and I were complete opposites in that he doesnt have much of a social disposition, while Jesse is extremely outgoing and forward. He works nights and usually doesnt go to bed until I am leaving for work at 7am. We will see how my sleep schedule keeps up.
The neighborhood is amazing. I am living just 10 blocks down from the entertainment district, filled withb theaters, venues, clubs, shopping, and markets. Its a slightly "urban/trendy" area. Haha, nobody seems to worry if their clothes are matching. But I think it will give me an excuse to get out of the house and walk, no drive. I want to buy a bike, and make it a point to use my sketchbook daily. I feel like this is something I have been neglecting for some time now. The apartment in Milwaukie was a decent size, but my bedroom was extremely small. With me, Charlie, the dog Obie-Wan, and usually Charlies girlfriend, it was way too crowded. I kept finding myself leaving the house just so I could breathe. But I wasnt leaving to places that were going to be creatively stimulating. I think being in walking distance from this community will change things a lot.
My life is changing as usual, pretty rapidly. I love the continuous change, but am also excited to see myself settle into my new home. Im not so afraid of the huge boxer dog, Martian, I tried to walk him yesterday, and he basically dragged me ten blocks instead. But it was fun. Now we just need the weather to get a bit cooler.. ugh 107 degrees!! Things are going good with Nate, a guy I have been seeing lately, who has his head on straight, good job, bills paid, opens my door for me, the works!! Im going to post a bit of work that we have been doing and soon will post some of the personal stuff Ive been playing with, once I get the computer set back up.

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