Friday, July 31, 2009

Basically... art art art...

The fact that I do so much social networking for SEO purposes, its good to see what kind of issues that those websites are having.

There has been some serious heat in the facebook world.

It is crazy that the entire empire of facebook is actually based on a lawsuit from a similar site called ConnectU. The legal battle seemed to never end, until finally in 2007, about the same time that facebook really took off.

Then there are the lawsuits that stem from abuse of facebook. Many of the issues come out of sheer ignorance to the number of people who have access to all of your information, while there are more serious cases. Read further about some here.

Ill be posting some new vector art that we have been working on. I am considering building a new site for myself. I am in serious need of an easily manageable site, without having to deal with the coding. I can code, but I tend to be horrible with procrastination. Of course, I am an artist.

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