Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Huge Deal In the Works.

Some quick sketches for one of clients logo, Spice Monkey. Site released soon.

Interesting fact-
Did you know that Google and the search partners dont count any hyphens when they crawl your site for relevancy? This includes the URL destination. Hence the name of our company website at Google-Placement.com and we have been abusing this info for our SEO sites and all other clients since we realized it.

The trick is to acquire URL's that relate directly to the search phrase that clients are purchasing. Then we place one of the other sites. With the click through rate improving drastically from placement and linking the sites together, it allows the site with the related URL to move forward organically faster. There are many more tricks to the process. But that is one of the best tactics for SEO and placement.

I love Terry. He is one of our number one salesman. He is an older guy who cant even email. He gets on the phone and asks for a credit card number within the first 30 seconds. You would never believe the number of people who give it to him immediately. It is ridiculous.

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