Friday, August 21, 2009

Google sued

Yahoo and Bing sue Google.

This is going to be interesting. I think that the company buzz around this office was originally that we shouldnt really have any issues with the merger between Yahoo and Bing. But it already seems like they are going to be pulling out the big guns in order to even the playing field. I dont know, with both parties tackling Google, we could essentially have a significant impact. Think about it. What does Yahoo and Bing have to offer individually?

Yahoo still has its name.. No doubt that Yahoo has usually trailed far behind Google, but having Microsoft backing it now can really set it apart.
The fact that Microsoft is so hell bent on being the best at everything else it does, I can only imagine that the Search engine BING will soon catch up to Yahoo and gain notoriety based on Microsoft alone.

Still, BING is relatively unknown, except for most of the computer techy world. Combining the name of Microsoft and the household name of Yahoo, they might actually make a huge dent in the Search World.

We will see how it goes, for now we might need to get in touch with Bing. Does anyone know if they are going to try and favor one domain over the other. I can imagine that Bing would want to push its name more than Yahoos, considering that they are the big investor in the merger. But since the merger is going to be reevaluated in a few years, I wonder how Yahoo is going to be able to bounce back, if they ever decided to leave the marriage.

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