Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am really excited to have had the chance to work in After Affects this past week, something that Ive really missed out on since I moved out here and finished school. Its just a few little "How-To" videos.

A few of the guys at the office and I have been discussing the opportunities behind the artwork and basic web layouts that we've created on our own time and the search engine advertising opportunities. It seems like the sites that get the most traffic are those that create communities of artists that are always uploading artwork. We use them all the time. Speaking of these sites.... I think I might ramble a bit.

Its funny how my ideas behind creating artwork have completely done a 360 since I started in this industry. I know that people are usually looking for a specific style, one that is not necessarily my own. Ive become more accustomed to really pulling inspiration from sites that I see and trying to use the ideas with my own flare. Apparently this is a tactic I should have been utilizing through much of school, instead of trying to be as original as possible all of the time. I actually like exploring new styles that Ive seen and making them my own. Its not necessary for me to start from a scratch idea every time. Though I do find it obnoxious when people simply change the anchor points on vector work and claim that it is now their own work.

It is nice that we have had some very interesting clients come into our midst in the last month. One of our clients, Spice Monkey is a guy we've been working with for a while now, but has been struggling to decide on a design. We originally had a lot of fun with the layout of the site and the idea of a monkey, with rich "spicy" colors. This wasnt exactly what he had in mind. Apparently he didnt have the same fun mentality that we did. Well, after a while I finally sat down and sketched out a few logo ideas, because he had never received his original design from a different artist. He decided on the TIKI! Which was super exciting. I had just thrown the idea in there and I honestly thought it was the most random and obscure and was positive he would not choose it. To my surprise I have had the chance to work on it for a few hours today and this is what Ive come up with so far.

We've kind of come to a happy cohesive blend between my obvious cartoony background and Sam's shiny and corporate styles. He has the ability to create things in all different styles, but has definitely mastered the art of the "shiny button" (something that I forced myself to learn.. oh how I hate chrome)Its nice to find someone who I feel comfortable asking for critiques. Haha.

Ive been digging some great vector sites lately. Vecteezy and Vector Jungle The vector jungle one isn't as extensive, but has a few more options when it comes to complete illustrations of humans and characters.

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I am currently working on the logos for IAMVIETNAMESE.com, Idle Hands Designs, and Spice Monkey, which I have posted.

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