Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My not so weekly update.

So, here we go, yet again, with my rambling about nothing in particular. I think maybe I should start to get some direction with this blog. But I figure that I cant really keep my head interested in one particular thing for too long, so I should probably just be thankful that I actually post on this at all.
So work gets increasingly silly with the addition of yet more bobble head dolls. They are essential to a creative and productive work environment.
I am a little bummed today. I created a pretty B.A. layout and logo for a local furniture company (at least I think they look good), after getting instruction from one of the co-owners, but was completely shot down on the idea from the other owner. It cracks me up how different opinions can be about the functionality of the site being insanely important, where as the look of it is not as important. Oh well, its just sad that we have the opportunity to really provide a great design and make the site work well, but this guy just isnt interested in it. Oh well. Ill get to use the design on another site.


Ive got some contract work coming in, which should be nice, considering I am desperate at this point to get my license and plates updated. Im about to be a serious Oregonian! Haha, it only took me a year to get this all changed over.

The new apartment is going good. Though we still have Mars the Boxer living with us. He will be shipped off to Pennsylvania in mid september and I will be extremely glad to get the carpet steam cleaned and dog free.

Anywho, its lunch time. Later...

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