Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 50 Sites! Or at least a few of them.

Wow, Top 50 List is out and it is an interesting one....

Found an alternative to Pandora with
Etsy made the top list, which I know a lot of people I went to school with will appreciate. Even the Gamers love this stuff.
Speaking of games, a great site is OMGPop

I will post more later..
Something interesting was that CraigLook made the list. While craigslist was bashed for having lame graphics. Which actually is something that I admire about craigslist. I think that the simplicity of craigslist actually makes it less intimidating than other sites, and therefor a great tool for an older crowd who are serious about looking for work or to trade, without trying to get all computer savvy.

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