Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was told I need to start blogging again. I agree.

Yes, I agree that I need to start blogging again. Which is important for me to figure out how much Ive progressed and changed and what the hell has been going on in my life during this past year... but when you blog for other people for a living, it can get kind of boring.
Personal Update: Just moved into my new apartment with my boy Nate. My sister is staying with us in a makeshift cubby room in our living room. We are going to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the 4th of July, which is weird, because it doesnt seem like a year.
View from my apartment balcony... inspiring!!

Professional Update: I quit Global. Weird things were going on in that place and it seemed to be oozing with bad karma. I didnt want to work with people who dont care about their clients or the quality of their products. I also did not want to work for a person who refused to see how much I was worth as an employee. I started to become bitter and I do not want to be "that bitter employee". Is it weird for you to have ethics if you work in advertising?

Ok update: Jen (my sister) moved out to Oregon for a few months to help me launch Flux Creative Marketing, (still working on a logo) an advertising agency in which we promote the use of rich media (online videos), as well as social media, as a way to reach a new audience for smaller businesses. I also work with my partner Brandon at Focus Marketing
I basically do the same thing with Brandon, its called Search Engine Optimization. We provide networking and support to our clients as well as web design and other features. I also work on a freelance basis with a small company in Salem, doing miscellaneous graphic design and website templates. I am extremely happy right now. Even though Im barely making ends meet. Haha, a starving artist is a true statement at this point.
Im hoping to start updating this blog more often, I also work on a few other blogs as well, that I have been updating more often. They are silly, but I get a lot of response from them. One of the blogs is about my horrible dieting obsession, Im not going to provide the link, because its pretty private. The other blog is about working on the internet and how to make money doing it. Once get the layout finished I will add links to the topics. Basically I needed to start separating my weird obsession with Google news, and my personal blog and artwork. Please checkout my new website. It is a work in progress. Though there is some artwork posted on it. I will be photographing some of my new work, as well as posting links to the websites that I am developing. They are really fun and Im happy to get to work with such creative clients. Im also happy to have the internet back again!!

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