Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flux Creative Marketing. What.

Its love :)
Our Gorgeous Logo!
Its been a heavenly summer.
We love our Job.
Funfun. We are going full force at this point. My sister has been here for around 2 months now and we are still living in a one bedroom apartment with Nate. We have our office set up in the dining room and Jens bedroom set up in the living room. Starving artist for sure.
Things are going well. We have clients, are paying our bills, and may actually make some profit in the coming months. Which would be amazing.
Things have been great with my boy, we took an awesome trip to the coast, starting at Newport and all drove the way to Astoria to go fishing on the ocean. I was not happy about conquering this fear. But it wasnt so bad.

Thats the basic update. Im keeping up on like 10 different networks right now and am hoping to download a blogspot app so that I can start blogging from my phone. I started a tumblr. Somewhere, Im not even sure what the domain is, but Ill link it later.
Pics :)

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