Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Staying busy with work and being random.

Here are a few pics of my owl. Painted photos will follow soon.

Ok, so life is good. great. amazing. I have no complaints. I have recently been insanely crafty sewing purses and monsters, making owl sculptures, and drawing a ton. I even recently went through and scanned my entire sketchbook into photoshop, in the hopes that I will one day finish some of my random ideas.
Things with work are going great, steady and sturdy! We are gaining clients a decent pace, so we havent been overwhelmed. But we are also getting help from some close friends now as well. This has made it possible for us to not be spread too think with our work load. At Flux, we have also found some killer new tools and have gotten the chance to start offering new products. Im pretty pumped.
Im taking a class at the local community college, which has been a learning experience, because its an online class.... and apparently that makes everything ten times more confusing. Its an HTML class, I just want to make sure that I am keeping current with the coding practices and am doing the best we can when updating website for clients or building new ones.

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