Monday, November 8, 2010

Work is keeping me busy, but Im trying to stay creative!

Ok, so lately things have been hectic.. a month ago I found all sorts of time to begin sewing (he bought me a sewing machine) and start finishing a few art projects that I started a month ago, but lately, all that time is lost. I mean seriously, working from 730am till 9-10pm. It seems to be never ending. Its not a bad thing, its just put my creativity into a new perspective.
I always knew that being creative is something I sometimes have to force on myself. When working on a daily basis with graphics and writing, it can be hard to step outside of work and simply decide to create something for myself, after I've spent the whole day "creating" for everyone else.
Its a struggle... lately, a constant one.
I've come to realize that social media and networking, which was initially a distraction to my creativity, is now an instigator... I feel like I need to show my work, I need to prove that somewhere, deep inside of me... I still have a raw creativity, That my mind can create something outside of what my clients expect of me... that all of my coloring does not end up being in a client website, and I can still create random beauty -just because I feel like it :)
With this thought: I am creative. I am proud to call myself an artist, and that I have not sold out, lol, I have decided to post this blog, and show a few of my sketchbook pages, unfinished as they may be... I do have 10 more that are complete works in progress and I do hope to eventually finish them
Wish me luck. PS... here is a link to the latest website that I finished (Im proud)
Lane German Shepherds

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