Saturday, July 26, 2008

Portland new home!

So. I got into Portland about 3 days ago. Im already looking for a job, I love craigslist.  Alot of great things are going on in this area. I live just outside out the city, in Milwaukee. Its a really nice area and Darkhorse comics is right around the block. In walking distance. That would be amazing, but unfortunately they dont have any internships available. Lame. Im looking into a couple of other opportunities like some local galleries and other graphics places...and whatnot. I am hoping to take a visit to Laika in the next week here.  I also have yet to visit the coast. Which would be awesome, cuz Ive never been the the Pacific before. Anyways, my bed is being delivered right now....ok, later. more updates o the artwork in a bit.

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