Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Graduation in two months!

So this is whats on my mind at the moment. First off, Im excited to be done with school. Considering that I have been in school, continuously, my entire life. Basically. Secondly, Im terrified of not being in school. Because I have never had a real job. I mean freelance is fun, and a few days of this and that is good. But I have no concept of actually doing what I love to do, and getting paid for it. A job situation is going to be so much different from the school experience. I mean, Ive had jobs, harsh ones, but I need to do this! Agh! Im freaking out. Basically.
Wow, that was alot of rambling.

Senior Studio-School is going good. 10 week review for senior studio is next week. I need to put everything together and start to see how it will work with the song by owlwood. Im pretty sure itll be good. Im exciting to get them all into the right format, and add doodads and bushes and trees and things. I think Ill feel like I accomplished something.

Pitch-Im reworking the Maudies Closet character designs in Illustrator. I feel like the pitch is better formed to a flash program, or after affects. Ive got one down and Im pretty happy with it. Im kind of nervous about approaching the environments though, just because its something new. The story is fleshing itself out nicely. Ive been writing a short story which introduces all the characters and their background histories. Everyone seems to be relating very well to Katie, the main character. She has a great sense of sarcasm and is very practical. This is why it is so difficult for her to have moved on top of a vintage clothes store surrounded by hippies. The adventures that Katie, Evie and Jack go on are going to be really great.

Practicum- This is a great lesson for all of us in class, so we can learn how to respond to clients. Its interesting how difficult it really is. I know that if someone was paying me to continually redraw characters, it would be fine. Its very hard for the team to understand why we havent decided on a style or main character. But its hard on their part as well, With different opinions about the sketches. I guess we will just keep giving them what they want. Hopefully, the plan is that we will spend extra kind reworking this character style, so that it can continue through the total 8 films.

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