Thursday, March 6, 2008

pitching..any advice?

So im looking into pitching my story to a few places. Im looking into contacting Cartoon Network, because Ive already had communication with them before...and I figure it is worth a shot, but the smaller studios will probably recieve it better. Im still in school with only a few months left, so I figure it is a good time to get ready to jump into that part of my career. Not that Im expecting it to get picked up immediately, but it is a very solid idea and Im pretty confident in it.
Anywho, so that is basically where I am at in the whole scope of things. My senior short animation is finally on the ball. Ive had some pretty serious health issues Ive been dealing with and it threw me off for a minute, but Im happy to get started on it all again. Im planning on having it fully animated by the middle of May and hopefully be well into coloring. Ive decided to color with colored pencil, which sounds crazy even to me....but I think it suits the style of my animation better than any other option.

Anyways, about the pitch, if anyone has some advice for me, as I dive head first into this idea, please let me know. Im currently working on character ideas and each character Bible is almost finished. I have about 3 different ideas for plots and Im hoping to come up with about 3 more. This will hopefully cement the themes behind the show, as well as the characters.

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