Tuesday, March 18, 2008

on a smaller note,

Reviews and My Biased Opinion
 about some of the movies that have been released recently.

Ok, so I recently went to the movies and saw
Be Kind Rewind- I had huge expectations for this film, after "science of sleep" I was sure that this was a great platform for Michel Gondry.  This was an opportunity to bring back the silly special effects that he is so well known for.  They were great, the hands and crafts special affect were great, and the interaction with random people made it the better.  The idea of the movies being remade by the community, was really instrumental.  It helped the plot along, but it also made for some interesting acting.
Cloverfield-I loved this movie. I have heard many many people criticizing this film, without really understanding the film.  I really feel like this film brought me inside the film, I got to experience the shaking of the camera while running, to see the monster up close, where the character stood looking up into its mouth.  It was supposed to feel jarring, the camera was supposed to help you experience the film.

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